Many reasons why projects succeed!

Do you recognise this? Projects finish on time within budget and constraints, and all the stakeholders needs and requirements are fulfilled. The teams operating exactly according to the guidelines and are "self steering" teams. The team members are inspired and there is no hidden agenda and all involved members are not afraid of changes. If you have … Continue reading Many reasons why projects succeed!


Key decisions of a complex application migration

A complex application migration Normally an application migration is focussing on moving or upgrading an application and its associated interfaces. Also the supporting and underlying ICT infrastructure is part of a migration. This type of migration can still be very complex. Certainly when you take into account that disruption of applications and its surrounding environment must be … Continue reading Key decisions of a complex application migration

Business service management monitoring

Business Service Management één ERP-oplossing voor al uw beheer Management overzicht  In een organisatie draait het om continue en systematische efficiency- en kwaliteitsverbetering. Efficiencyverbeteringen moeten leiden tot forse en meetbare kostenreducties onder de voorwaarde dat dit niet ten koste gaat van de dienstverlening aan de interne klant. We weten dat de bedrijfsprocessen in zeer belangrijke … Continue reading Business service management monitoring