Overview of MS designs infrastructure

S Here on this page is an overview of somewhat older Microsoft Designs.  Although they are ” outdated”  they still have their value because:

  1. these designs can be used in data centers with slightly older MS infrastructure  and
  2. you can use these designs as templates to determine if your designs are set-up correctly. Often, as an Infrastructure and Security Architect, I review designs (High Level and Low Level Designs) and the quality as well as the format varies a lot. So by providing information I hope for the future we make standardises designs that can be understood immediately.

You can download these designs by clicking on the title. Before downloading these designs read the disclaimer / remark.

Disclaimer / remark: These designs are written by Microsoft and are provided to you for informational purposes only, and is provided to you entirely “AS IS”.  Your use of the documentation cannot be understood as substituting for customised service and information that might be developed by Microsoft Corporation for a particular user based upon that user’s particular environment. To the extent permitted by law, MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, DISCLAIMS ALL EXPRESS, IMPLIED AND STATUTORY WARRANTIES, AND ASSUMES NO LIABILITY TO YOU FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY TYPE IN CONNECTION WITH THESE MATERIALS OR ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY IN THEM.

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