Overview articles of the last years

To help you quickly identify the interesting information for you I have made an overview of all articles written in the passed 4 years.  At first the articles were in Dutch and recently I started to write in English to target a bigger audience. The articles cover a broad range of topics from technology, future developments within ICT and personal insights as well as opinionated articles. Here is the overview!stack of books

  1. ICT’er, weet je zeker dat je pensioen goed is geregeld?
  2. Boost productivity by using the proper tools for development and infrastructure (dev/ops)
  3. Everything about Identity and Access management I&AM
  4. Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps
  5. Overzicht samenhang beheeraspecten
  6. Overview project documents and sheets
  7. High security controls moving from military to the business
  8. Testing – Rules of engagement
  9. Control your devices in your network!
  10. Diplomacy and strategy Enterprise systems management
  11. Move to the Cloud
  12. The irrational human being and the dangerous undercurrent.
  13. STIX and TAXII, standards on security information exchange
  14. Application migrations to the Cloud
  15. Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533
  16. OpenStack: Install, build and run IaaS cloud with Open Stack
  17. The all-devouring black hole of ICT
  18. Are recruiters a bunch of incompetent professionals?
  19. NIST Computer Security Publications – NIST Special Publications (SPs)
  20. Cloud features explained – Continued
  21. Cloud features explained
  22. Cloud Comparison BIG 3 Azure, AWS and Google
  23. Commonalities and differentiators Cloud providers
  24. Battle between old and young!
  25. Trends in Data centers & Cloud
  26. The future of data centers & workload management.
  27. Data centre of today & future
  28. Vormen van virtualisatie
  29. Virtuele replicatie
  30. Software Defined Networking – Openflow
  31. VM-centric benadering
  32. Infrastructuureilanden in een datacenter.
  33. Converged – en hyper converged infrastructuur
  34. Software Defined Storage – SDS
  35. OpenStack
  36. Hyper-convergence – virtuele infrastructuren
  37. VPLS – virtualisatie over het WAN
  38. NSX – netwerk virtualisatie
  39. Multiple Protocol Label Switching – virtualisatie
  40. Zeg eens “ja” tegen “nee”
  41. Vraagstukken van een architect.
  42. Waarom is er nog geen virtuele BYOD?
  43. Key decisions of a complex application migration
  44. De afstemming van de business met IT
  45. 2035 – Alles met alles verbonden
  46. Samen doen en samen slagen; het succes van ICT-projecten
  47. Een ICT-bedrijf starten in de crisis
  48. IT-manager, maak uw ICT toekomstvast
  49. Kijk eens vaker in de spiegel van de coach
  50. “Ik schakel tussen baan, bedrijf en freelance”
  51. ”Fuseren heeft veel voeten in de aarde – Het fusiefantoom”
  52. Beheertooling is zilver maar management is goud
  53. Voorspellend beheer of het geheim van monitoring
  54. Why projects succeed!
  55. Windows 8: desktop als centrale informatiebron
  56. De afstemming van de business met IT
  57. De projectmanager als verandermanager bij de transitie
  58. Fuseren heeft veel voeten in de aarde
  59. Business Service Management
  60. Business service management monitoring