Infrastructure information

computer-science-books-list-23Technology is an important driving force for decisions about acquisition and disposal of infrastructure. It has a lot of impact on the business. Due to this fact the right information should be at hand to make important decisions about technology. What new technology should you embrace like hyper converged technology and VM-Centric infrastructure? And what should legacy technology should you dispose? Which requirements should you consider when acquiring technology? Many questions. This page contains references to various topics related to infrastructure. 

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Remark: The information acquired from sources like websites is freely obtainable and all information about security is collected and presented in an easy way.


Overview converged infrastructure

HP – HP Converged Infrastructure For Dummies provides an introduction to the fine points of infrastructure convergence: the trends, methodologies, and value it can deliver to you, plus a look at how the roles in IT are affected.

ZERTO – Cloud white paper BC & DR

Zerto – With the cloud becoming more of an option, enterprises of all sizes are looking for the cloud, be it public, hybrid or private, to become part of their BC/DR solution. However, these options do not always exist. Virtualization has created the opportunity, but there is still a significant technology gap. Mission-critical applications can be effectively virtualized and managed; however, they cannot be effectively protected in a cloud environment.

ZERTO – Hypervisor based replication

Zerto – Until now the most common replication technologies and methods essential to mission-critical BC/DR initiatives have been tied to the physical environment. Although they do work in the virtual environment, they aren’t optimized for it, leading to significant operational and organizational challenges

PQR – Mobility management smackdown

PQR – Application and Desktop Delivery in the mobile world – Consumerization, BYO in tomorrow’s workspace – Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions – Explain the different Mobile Managements concepts – Explain the pros and cons of the different Mobile Managements concepts – Describe the different Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors and solutions – Compare the features of the various EMM solutions

CISCO – Software Defined Networking for dummies

CISCO – Software Defined Networking For Dummies, Cisco Special Edition, shows you what SDN is, how it works, and how you can choose the right SDN solution. This book also helps you understand the terminology, jargon, and acronyms that are such a part of defining SDN.

Software based storage virtualisation

IDC – Today’s information-based economy demands that IT managers enhance the business value of existing and planned IT investments while simultaneously reducing the costs of IT operations. Server consolidation and broader adoption of server virtualisation are some of the key strategies IT teams are counting on to meet these goals. Dealing with storage, however, is one of the most critical technical and economic roadblocks to broad adoption of virtualisation in many organisations. Limits include the up-front direct cost associated with replacing storage with complex networked storage systems, the added operational cost of managing networked storage systems, and the inherent inefficiencies of many of these storage systems.

VMware Infrastructure Architecture Overview

VMWare – VMware Infrastructure Architecture Overview. This document describe the architecture of VMware Infrastructure, beginning with the elements that make up its physical topology, followed by the virtual, or logical, view of VMware Infrastructure where the relationships between the virtual architectural elements and the physical world are explored. Lastly, the architectures of two core VMware
Infrastructure components are discussed in further detail

Hyperconverged infrastructure. A graphical overview.

An graphical overview – in Dutch – of advantages, problems that will be solved and topics related to hyper converged infrastructure.

NUTANIX – Enterprise Cloud

NUTANIX – There is more to the cloud than meets the eye. This document of Nutanix is a journey and helps you understand enterprise cloud and how it fits into your datacenter paradigm. By the end of this book, you see just how enterprise cloud fits into the landscape and how it can help you propel your business into the 22nd century.