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What is Cloud? What are the benefits? What must I do before even going to the Cloud? What will happen ones I am outsourcing my ICT to the Cloud? What issues will I encounter? What about the security? Many questions and must be answered.

As an Architect I had all these questions and still new questions are popping up. On regular basis I do research on the Internet and attend all kind of meetings. During my research I gathered a lot of information and came across many websites with interesting information. In stead of keeping this information to myself I want to share this information with you. It is just a tiny part and a start to begin with. Of course the Internet is the best library and is giving you a wealth of data if you know where to look for.

Here you can click on the hyperlinks and this gives you the requested information. Remark: The information are from other sources like websites and published by others just here for helping you to get quickly in depth information of the Cloud.


Cloud topics in Dutch and English:

  • Beginselen van de Cloud levermodellen,
  • De ICT oursourcing checklist,
  • Cloud business models,
  • Data erasure solutions in Data centers,
  • Roadmap to Data center transformation,
  • The optimal path to the Private Cloud,
  • NIST Cloud reference architecture,
  • The booming Cloud Opportunity,
  • Head in the Hybrid Cloud,
  • 2016 Planning a switch to Hybrid Cloud,
  • Ebook Guide Public Cloud and
  • Microsoft press Ebook Enterprise Cloud strategy.


Beginselen van de Cloud levermodellen

Management Kennisbank – Deze factsheet bevat op hoofdlijnen een overzicht met algemene informatie over Cloud Computing en keuzesdie gemaakt kunnen worden. Meer informatie is hierover ook te vinden bij Tasksforce BID (Bestuur en Informatieveiligheid Dienstverlening).

De ICT oursourcing checklist

Management Kennisbank – Een whitepaper van 2 pagina’s waarin een aantal vragen gesteld worden of u klaar bent om de stap te maken naar de Cloud.

Cloud business models

Forrester commisioned by Cordis– “Cloud brokers will reshape the Cloud.” This is the title the whitepaper starts with. With the advent of cloud broker business models, enterprises and small businesses will be able to consume cloud services with an unmatched flexibility and economic advantage. This whitepaper is re-flexion of various interviews at companies who shared their plans to push cloud broker services to the market, and some already had to react to broker services offered by their direct competitors. Also the same companies have been interviewed – who are the leading cloud providers – about their steps and technology to establish cloud broker business models. This unveiled the demand for intelligent dynamic provisioning and cloud management tools beyond their existing stacks.

Data erasure solutions in Data centers

Blanco Qu Finland – Data growth is exploding on on hand and on the other hand ongoing regulatory, consolidation, environmental and cloud computing developments mean that data centers need reliable, fast and flexible tools like certified data erasure to secure growing amounts of customer data. Data centers are complex hardware environments, with equally complex data erasure needs. Certified data erasure addresses these needs with automated data removal for a variety of scenarios, from targeted erasure of files for PCI DSS purposes to removal of data from logical units, servers, loose drives and storage arrays.

Roadmap to Data center transformation

Tony Bishop – Datacenter V2.0′. A technological and operational transformation of the data center is already underway. Leading organizations are transforming their data center facilities and facility’s partners towards a digital factory operating model that is dynamically managed, effectively delivered and that employs continuous efficiency optimization

The optimal path to the Private Cloud

IDC – IDC finds that firms are considering three approaches to building an infrastructure platform to deliver internal or “private” cloud services to end users: integrated infrastructure systems, reference architectures, and “build your own” systems. This paper presents IDC’s insights about implementing an internal or “private” cloud technology model and how this strategy can allow IT organisations to respond to and support business demand with dynamic business agility. It discusses the benefits and considerations firms must be aware of with these three different approaches to establishing the foundation for a private infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud. That is, it discusses three different approaches to building modular, scalable, and standardised hardware configurations for cloud.

NIST Cloud reference architecture

NIST – This document presents the NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (RA) and Taxonomy (Tax) that will accurately communicate the components and offerings of cloud computing. The guiding principles used to create the RA were 1) develop a vendor-neutral architecture that is consistent with the NIST definition and 2) develop a solution that does not stifle innovation by defining a prescribed technical solution.

The booming Cloud Opportunity

Microsoft – This eBook sets up the series and focuses mainly on revealing the compelling evidence around the cloud opportunity. This eBook is talking about the size or the pace of the cloud opportunity.

Head in the Hybrid Cloud

TechTarget – This guide will help IT departments with the entire process, but in a reverse-sequential manner. First we lay out the framework for an effective hybrid cloud management strategy. Next, we talk about the applications themselves, suggesting strategies and tools useful in the monitoring of application performance. To close, we describe tips and tricks to keep in mind during the building process.

2016 Planning a switch to Hybrid Cloud

TechTarget – TechTarget’s Kristin Knapp examines some important topics like determining which applications should be kept on a private cloud, and which can go public. Also crucial is being sure your network is adequately prepared for a shift to the public cloud. She also writes about strategies that will enable a business to avoid cloud chaos. It may be surprising to learn just how many organisations don’t properly plan their cloud usage.

Ebook Guide Public Cloud

VMware VmWare takes a new approach that starts inside your data center and extends out to support all applications—both those ‘born in the cloud’ as well as existing ones—with VMware vCloud® Air™, a family of cloud services built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®. Full compatibility with your on-premises vSphere data center enables you to seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud leveraging the same infrastructure, network, security, management and skills you already use with your onsite environment.

Microsoft press Ebook Enterprise Cloud strategy

MICROSOFT – This book, based on real-world cloud experiences by enterprise IT teams, seeks to provide answers to these questions. Here, you’ll see what makes the cloud so compelling to enterprises; with which applications you should start your cloud journey; how your organisation will change, and how skill sets will evolve; how to measure progress; how to think about security, compliance, and business buy-in; and how to exploit the ever-growing feature set that the cloud offers to gain strategic and competitive advantage.

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