Cloud tools

Before even going to the Cloud you have to consider many things on strategic management level. Here are some tools that help you in the decision making process. You can select any of the buttons in the order you like to choose.

The Cloud Calculator provides you with a calculator from Microsoft in order to determine the price when acquiring resources like VM’s, network speed/lines or storage.


The Cloud assessment tool shows you all the features that are relevant to you when going to the Cloud. Features such as Cloud Features & Management, Cloud Servers, Transfer, Networking, Reliability & Failover, Services, Support, Billing
Trial & Specials or Security.

Cloud comparison is a tool that provides a complete overview of all the features of the Big-3 which are Azure from Microsoft, AWS from Amazon or Google


This tool is giving you an idea of what you can expect from the Cloud provider considering the performance in respect to pricing. It is important to understand that acquiring a resource like a virtual machine is depending on the underlying infrastructure like storage. The “whole chain” determines the performance-price quality.


tip – 3 issues to take into account when looking at the price of resources in the Cloud.

  1. A virtual machine is always depending on the underlying infrastructure. The performance of a VM can differ approximately 3 x times but the block storage can differ more than 10 x times!
  2. You get what you pay for but investigation executed by CloudSpectator is showing that there is no correlation between price and performance. Study demonstrates that the best-value CSP’s offer virtualised resources at the lowest price.
  3. Storage block fluctuations still can influence the stability of applications in VM’s and therefor “noisy neighbours” can cause problems.

Before on-boarding a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), it is advisable to do extensive and initial testing at two or more CSP’s with some virtualised resources.