Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps

Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps is a better solution than traditional antivirus. AEP traps has a multi-method prevention approach that secures endpoints against known and unknown malware and exploits before they can compromise a system. Traps prevents security breaches and successful ransomware attacks, in contrast to detection and response after critical assets … Continue reading Advanced Endpoint Protection Traps

Overview project documents and sheets

Documentation is the keystone for the ICT and yet many people dislike the task of documenting. Unfortunately a lot of documents must be created and maintained. IF not the operation and projects do run a high risk of malfunctioning.  And the organisation could be in jeopardy. What type of documents must be created and what … Continue reading Overview project documents and sheets

High security controls moving from military to the business

EICAR EICAR is a 68-byte .com file detected as "EICAR-Test-File". This IS NOT a virus but is a manipulated file for testing for the presence of Antivirus systems in email, the file system, or other places. This test file simply displays a text message and returns the control to the operating system. Software vendors agreed about developing a uniform … Continue reading High security controls moving from military to the business

Testing – Rules of engagement

Testing is depending on a lot of other areas within an ICT project. Ignoring these dependencies and not following the principal rules can have devastating results on the testing. Here you find some come ground rules (principles) which contributes to better test results. Requirements / Statement of Work (SOW). Have (very) clear requirements in the Statement … Continue reading Testing – Rules of engagement

Control your devices in your network!

Long ago, 20 years, you had a terminal emulator such as 5250-emulator to connect to your system. Now-a-days you have so many devices that can be connected ranging from laptops, tablets, cellphones to printers and any endpoint that has an IP-address. How do you control so many devices that try to access the network from … Continue reading Control your devices in your network!

Blog statistics 2016 Toolsynergie

Here, an annual report on 2016 Toolsynergie. How attractive it has been for her readership. Read the statistics and determine whether ToolSynergie is an attractive site. VISITORS So if you want to move 771 people you need to have almost 20 busses for transportation.   Furthermore on the blog site Toolsynergie,  the number of  readers … Continue reading Blog statistics 2016 Toolsynergie

The irrational human being and the dangerous undercurrent.

The dangerous undercurrent Projects that will fail before it even starts and we still proceed; odd technology acquisitions that cost a lot of money and management already knew; unexplained mergers that ends in a disaster while investigations  and reports already highlighted the bad outcome and yet the reports went into the shredder; implementing methodologies no … Continue reading The irrational human being and the dangerous undercurrent.

STIX and TAXII, standards on security information exchange

Security is becoming increasingly important. Cybercrime is sophisticated and it takes more money, resources and most important, it requires a joined effort of our security solutions. Customers, vendors, commercial and non-commercial organisations should work together in order to defeat or minimise the impact of threats. In light of this two major developments in the area … Continue reading STIX and TAXII, standards on security information exchange

Application migrations to the Cloud

It is a huge endeavour when organisations wants to move their business to the Cloud. One of the many decisions you have to make upfront is the migration of your applications to the Cloud. Thinking about migrating your applications is always good even if your are NOT going to the Cloud. Applications support the business directly … Continue reading Application migrations to the Cloud

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533

Recently I found a very good website called CloudRanger with a complete training course about "MS Implementing MS Azure Infrastructure Solutions." The owner is Shawn Ismail and he is the creator of this training. Many thanks Shawn! My page is just meant as a passthrough to his website CloudRanger. Purpose training The website at CloudRanger lists all … Continue reading Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533

Many reasons why projects succeed!

Do you recognise this? Projects finish on time within budget and constraints, and all the stakeholders needs and requirements are fulfilled. The teams operating exactly according to the guidelines and are "self steering" teams. The team members are inspired and there is no hidden agenda and all involved members are not afraid of changes. If you have … Continue reading Many reasons why projects succeed!

OpenStack: Install, build and run IaaS cloud with Open Stack | Udemy

ICT is all about knowledge and experience. In order to keep up the pace of developments within ICT you have to keep on learning. What is hot today, will be outdated tomorrow. On average, the life cycle of services and products as well as methodologies and techniques is about 3 years. For me I chose Cloud and … Continue reading OpenStack: Install, build and run IaaS cloud with Open Stack | Udemy