Move to the Cloud

UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE GETTING INVOLVED IN Cloud computing covers everything from storing backups of your important data remotely to running all your office systems “in the cloud”… Source: Move to the Cloud


Application migrations to the Cloud

It is a huge endeavour when organisations wants to move their business to the Cloud. One of the many decisions you have to make upfront is the migration of your applications to the Cloud. Thinking about migrating your applications is always good even if your are NOT going to the Cloud. Applications support the business directly … Continue reading Application migrations to the Cloud

Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533

Recently I found a very good website called CloudRanger with a complete training course about "MS Implementing MS Azure Infrastructure Solutions." The owner is Shawn Ismail and he is the creator of this training. Many thanks Shawn! My page is just meant as a passthrough to his website CloudRanger. Purpose training The website at CloudRanger lists all … Continue reading Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions 70-533

OpenStack: Install, build and run IaaS cloud with Open Stack | Udemy

ICT is all about knowledge and experience. In order to keep up the pace of developments within ICT you have to keep on learning. What is hot today, will be outdated tomorrow. On average, the life cycle of services and products as well as methodologies and techniques is about 3 years. For me I chose Cloud and … Continue reading OpenStack: Install, build and run IaaS cloud with Open Stack | Udemy

Cloud transformation – part one – Technology

Herman Rensink, Data center Architect / CISSP. Here I talk about the technological transformation which is one of the 3 key areas besides organisational and procedural.  Transformation is a continuous process and is done in steps that can be overseen and done. It is NOT a radical change but rather a good managed process with … Continue reading Cloud transformation – part one – Technology

“What….is” – Cloud Features

Here is a good video on YouTube about the basics of the Cloud. Topics such as Why public Cloud, Getting started, Features,  Costs, Operations, Security, Hybrid Cloud and DeskTop as a Service. It is presented by Pluralsight author & IT Consultant Elias Khnaser. The title "The difference between  MS Azure and Amzon AWS is not quite … Continue reading “What….is” – Cloud Features

Cloud features explained – Continued

 Herman Rensink Datacentre & Cloud Architect / CISSP In my article earlier on about  Cloud features explained I have summarised and explained a few features of the Big 3 Cloud providers from Amazon, Microsoft Azure and Google. In this article I continue where I left of and give you some additional information about the features. NOSQL Database … Continue reading Cloud features explained – Continued

Cloud Comparison BIG 3 Azure, AWS and Google

Herman  Rensink - Datacenter & Cloud Architect / CISSP. 25 years of ICT experience in infrastructure and security in large data centres.  The Cloud offers a "million" possibilities. Where can I find this information and how to choose? What provider does fit my needs? These are just some questions. In order to help you in … Continue reading Cloud Comparison BIG 3 Azure, AWS and Google

Commonalities and differentiators Cloud providers

Herman Rensink, Datacenter Architect / CISSP . When going to the "Cloud" an organisation has to decide on many subjects like Management strategy, Migration strategy, and Transition as well as Transformation strategy. However, in the early stage, before thinking about going to the Cloud you have to have a very good and clear picture of … Continue reading Commonalities and differentiators Cloud providers

Trends in Data centers & Cloud

 Herman  Rensink - Datacenter & Cloud Architect / CISSP This article describes in a number of key themes that are related to each other and outlines the direction which Data centers and Cloud are going. Delivery models Governance Technology Deployment and provisioning Operations DELIVERY MODELS C-level executives realise that ICT is constantly increasing in importance … Continue reading Trends in Data centers & Cloud

The future of data centers & workload management

Herman  Rensink - Datacenter & Cloud Architect / CISSP A data center is nothing more than a logistics company which makes digital information (bits) available to the applications of business at the right time and under the proper conditions. In order to achieve this a data center offers computer power, resources or, in more generally … Continue reading The future of data centers & workload management


OpenStack is een open-source oplossing voor het bouwen van een Cloudoplossing (Private of Public). Deze oplossing is een aantal jaar geleden door een gezamenlijk project van Nasa en Rackspace Hosting tot stand gekomen. OpenStack is specifiek bedoeld voor de IAAS (Infrastructure as a service). Doelstelling van deze softwareoplossing is dat op heel eenvoudige en snelle … Continue reading OpenStack