Overview AWS deployment guides



Surfing the Internet I came across the website of Amazon. On one of their web pages they stored a lot of Quick start reference deployments (QSRD) documents. It took me 45 minutes to download them. But now it takes 15-20 minutes to download all the deployment documents.

Why Quick start reference deployments ?

AWS Quick Start reference deployments (QSRD) help you rapidly deploy fully functional software on the AWS Cloud, following AWS best practices for security and availability. An AWS CloudFormation template automates the deployment, and a deployment guide describes the architecture and implementation in detail. Quick Starts are modular and customisable; you can layer additional functionality on top or modify them for your own implementations. Use Quick Starts to deploy the following solutions on AWS:

Other valuable documentation

You can also read and download design documents of Microsoft various Microsoft solutions. See ” Overview of MS designs infrastructure“.

Do you want to have an overview of all the documents to be delivered in a project then visit “Overview project documents and sheets“.