Assignment NATO

Temporary assignment through the Testleaders is Belgium at NATO in Brussel – Defense Organisation.

Common description
Anticipate changes in the testing industry, prioritize strategic and operational testing initiatives control risks through test management, visualize project and product risks.

Specific description 
The test activities in ICT infrastructure are steadily increasing, and the NATO has requested for experienced professionals with a thorough and wide ICT infrastructure background to support the testing.

Technology and products
HP-ALM is used as tool for orchestrating test cases. I am deeply involved in: NAC, ISE Cisco server for authentication, authorization and accounting of devices (wired or wireless) to allow or deny access at network level. EAP, MAB, 802.1.x, MSCAP, CWA, VPN, posture profile, service – admin portals, PKI, Enterprise directory services, reporting and alerting, Network Access Profile, deployment, enforcing policies (profile, posture), Anywhere agent, NAC-agent, deep inspection endpoint, antivirus, Host IPS, Cross domain Gateways, datadiode, Border Protection Devices, Border Protection Services, DMZ Guard