About the writer

ICT professional and writer

Herman has made his achievement within the domain of ICT. He has extensive experience, knowledge and certifications in the field of complex ICT domains. Including in the area of transitions, managed services, hosting, complex software solutions and changes in the IT infrastructure.

In addition, Herman likes to share his knowledge and he is a columnist for Computable and has this blog site called Cloudsynergie.



Herman is very motivated and motivating to work with. His knowledge seems inexhaustible and he likes working with the team at seek for the options and possibilities that matches the organisation.Herman is energetic and spirited man.

Colleagues and customers see him as vibrant and he talks passionately. Herman is attentive to his interlocutor, he takes notes and presents audit questions. His inquisitive demeanour makes him extra alert in slowing down sharing his knowledge and to eagerly listen to the other.

Herman has an ambitious attitude. This is not aimed at reaching ambitions in the social ladder  nor a higher hierarchical position. However his goal is to enrich his knowledge and optimisation of the project, the organisation, the appointments and activities.

His analytical and quick thinking is giving the ability to understand complex ICT situations and come up with creative solutions. This is also true for quickly gaining knowledge of new technologies and methods.  He is proactive, entrepreneur, energetic in his work, team player, and always focused on results. He is open minded and likes to share success, he is authentic, fast talker and  can withstand criticism. Herman is a true team player and he monitors and guards the agreements as well as designs during the construction and operations.