Diplomacy and strategy Enterprise systems management

To all readers.

It is my dream to write a book about Enterprise systems management. I am working as an ICT professional for over 30 years in the ICT. I have seen almost everything. Working at many customers, in projects, and a lot of locations anywhere in Europe.

I want to share my knowledge with you – the public – by writing a book with worthwhile insights and common and real life cases which you can learn from.

To write a high quality book takes a lot of time and persistence. I have very little time and therefor I have an urgent request.  Anybody who reads this message and is inspired, are requested to respond if you think you can contribute to this book.

Beneath you find a description (bullets) of my book so you have a better understanding about my ideas. Of Course I realise that others have a vast experience too and I am willing to trade in some topics or sub topics. I am very flexible.

Hopefully I receive a good response on my request. If you are as much as myself inspired and energetic I am strongly convinced that we will succeed and will be finishing this book soon.

Please mail me to discuss the possibilities, and the process of writing. When I have 5-6 possible writers we can start!


CONTENTS OF THE BOOK (partly in Dutch and English; but all will be changed to English).

Title:               Diplomacy and strategy – Enterprise systems management  
Category:       ICT, tooling and management
Pages:            +/- 300 pages including drawings, tables and document history
Writer(s):      H. Rensink and others
Publisher:     To be decided
Sponsor:        To be decided


The ideas is to produce 20 topics, each containing on average 20 pages

Topic Number of pages Keywords
Part 0 Introduction 0
Title page 1
Overview contents 6
Preface 3 Explanation title, explaining cohesion book, how to read, first theoretical description and then followed by practical example
“Thankyou” 1 Co Writers, reviewers, family and sponsor
About the authors 2 ICT-background, experience, skills and competences
Target group 1 Management, beslissers, hoofd ICT en consultants
Brief introduction Enterprise Systems Management 2 Evolution, developments
Introduction – Strategy,  diplomacy, negotiation & communication 4 Description topics and the core of the book
Part 0 –Number of pages 16  
Part I Enterprise systems management (ESM) and categories of tools 0  
(1) What is enterprise systems management ½
Description ½ Integration, enterprise-wide, long-term development, support and management
Characteristics ½ Heterogeneous and complex environment, single interface / database,
Why Enterprise systems management 1 Control, agility, reducing tools, solution capability, investment control / restriction
Who is the target audience 1 Larger companies and high-top segment. ESM “light version” for SMEs.
Advantages and disadvantages ½ Expensive, long implementation, complex
Enterprise systems management focus areas 3 Focus EM, omstandigheden waaronder  (polictics), EM fundament(=lange duur),
Integration 1 Interfaces andere tools, integratie modules, single interface single database
Reporting 1
Centralisation or dececentralisation 1
Roles, job responsibilities and skills 3 Consider staffing issues such as job content, responsibilities
Interaction managed and managing environment
(2)  Categories of Enterprise system management tools 3
Classification based on ICT component 0
Point solutions tools 3
Platform tools 3
Network tools 3
Server and database tools 3
Various tools 3
Enterprise management tools 4
Classification based on size customer 0
Large accounts 3
Small to medium accounts 3
Classification based on operational focus 0
Performance and availability                 (Chain monitoring) 2  Load runner, active and passive agents
Storage management 2 Hardware en software solutions
Deployment 2 Software distribution
Operations 2 Remote Control and scheduling
Security 3 Access management, Identity management, vulnerability, intrusion detection, spam
Various 3
(3) Application Management 0
SLA-management 3
Performance and availability management 3
Prediction 3
Troubleshooting 3
(4) Infrastructure Management 0
(5) Real life cases 0
Bank Fortis 6
Rabobank 6
Philips 6
Ordina – ICT-bedrijf 6
Part I – Numer of pages 97  
Part II Organisation and implementation of Enterprise systems management 0  
(6) The considerations and steps to take before the implementation  0
Establishing a long term vision 3 Missie, visie, strategie en doelen
Tool selection 3
Pilots and benchmarking 2
Rol of the supplier / vendor 2
Project approach 0
(7) Alignment between organisation / management and tooling 0
Customer 3 Services – Aanbieden van de diensten, managen en begeleiden van de verwachtingen wensen en eisen.
ITIL 3 Processen – Beschrijven van de processen, afhankelijkheden
Management 3 Organisatie – Soorten beheer, aandachtsgebieden
Tools 3
(8) The role of Enterprise systems management 0
Business view 3
Systems management view 3
(9) Business Monitoring of “Balance between IT and business” 0
Description 4
(10) Implementation experiences 0
Pitfalls during the implementation 5 Onderschatting weerstand beheerders, management, klanten etc.
Misconceptions 5 Vuile was, aantasting / bestaansrecht functies, fundamentele wijziging, probleem (structuur) bestrijden i.p.v. incidenten
Big-bang or prototyping / evolution 5 Think big start small
Work according to a project approach 3
The BAU – Business as usual organisation 1 Belasting en gevolgen
(11) Enterprise Management On Demand 0
(12) Maturity of systems management 0
Prince II 4
Asset database en message database 3
Phase tool usage 4
Event handling 3
(13) The key players of Enterprise systems management 0
SLA-management 3
Management 3
“The bridge” – Operations 3
Systems management 3
Development 3
Customers 3
(14) Operational issues 0
Standardisation 3
Conventions 3
(15) Tool comparison 10 Prijzen, aantal klanten, branche waarin de tools worden gebruikt, de technische en commerciële vergelijking en implementatievergelijking
(16) The future of Enterprise systems  management 0
Current state 5 Veelheid aan tools, per platform tools, achterdocht, bang voor vuile was, eiland gericht
Coming and important changes 3  Web, ontsluiting netwerken, deconcentratie, IT-governance, outsourcing, verandering van rol van beheer
Future state 5
Part II – Number of pages 116  
Part III Technical description Enterprise systems management 5
(17) Technical description Enterprise systems management  15
(18) Technical description application management tool 15
(19)  Technical description infrastructure tool 15
Part IV Other topics related tot ESM  0  
Out-,in- en co-sourcing en het gebruik van tools 10
Part III – Number of pages 60  
Overview tool suppliers / vendors 3
Overview tools 3
Index  5
Number of pages 11