Blog statistics 2016 Toolsynergie

Here, an annual report on 2016 Toolsynergie. How attractive it has been for her readership. Read the statistics and determine whether ToolSynergie is an attractive site.



So if you want to move 771 people you need to have almost 20 busses for transportation.   Furthermore on the blog site Toolsynergie,  the number of  readers increased by more than 100%, compared to 2015.


titlesEvery month new articles are stored on the Home page and this page is a hit. And  readers are interested in many of the articles that has been written over the last years.  For everybody something news is available!



Most readers  live in the Netherlands. This is due to the fact that all articles are published first on the Dutch community on LinkedIn. Readers from other countries are using search engines like google.



Downloaded files


Most downloaded files are about “Cloud-comparison”, “3phase-model” and “Cloud features”.




To summarise it all: It was a successful year and the aim is to attract 1200 readers this year by writing about new technology, hot items about security, sharing interesting sites and supply you with interesting downloads.