Are recruiters a bunch of incompetent professionals?

'The employment agency said you were looking for someone to do light housekeeping.'
‘The employment agency said you were looking for someone to do light housekeeping.’

Are recruiters a bunch of incompetent professionals? That was a question posed on LinkedIn recently. 

The labour market is changing at a rapid pace. Now a days we talk about flexibility of the labour market. A recent development that has not yet been crystallised by a long shot. On all sides you will notice that the labour market is developing. This brings new challenges and problems. This is how I see it.

Recruiters are just one piece of the puzzle of the labour market. In the early days people just did sent a CV in response to an ad in a newspaper or specific newspapers. But nowadays it is more about networking and making contacts. LinkedIn is the new way of getting a job! Furthermore, everything has become much faster, dynamic and shorter. The progress of digitisation contributes to the volatility of the labour market. The same digitisation makes everything more and more impersonal. A situation where the recruiter must be able to find a way.

I also notice that the number of recruiters is growing in this market and everyone wants to have  a “piece of the pie”‘ and you see that the quality level differs significantly. You have brokers, CV “pushers”, headhunters and selection and recruitment agencies. Everybody does it on his / her way and this makes it all more complex (the number of recruiters, each with its own method and quality). Sometimes, when looking for a job or assingment, I do not know anymore where to look for. . It so difficult to distinguish the good from the bad recruiters.

But besides all of this, also the employer has its responsibility. Many times they broadcast a job / assingment in the labour market  and you notice that a number of employers do not comply with the (integrity) procedure. This is somenting recruiters can not change and you can not blame the recruiters for this kind of behaviour. Often i see also a tendency that employers do not respond to candidates if they are not directly fall into the category of “suitable candidates”.

And last but not least a number of applicants do not follow the procedure of integrity and do not respond or act rude.

In short, we live in a different society compared to 10-20 years ago. That’s part of it! Or should we accept such a development in which indifference and poor quality is part of our life!

In any case, it is clear to me that it is not only the recruiter and if you look around there are plenty of good recruiters. I rather think that we should do something about the indifference that arises. Indifference not only when I talk about behaviour in labour market, how we treat each other but indifference in general. Maybe we should talk about that essential topic instead of blaming others.

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