Cloud Comparison BIG 3 Azure, AWS and Google

Herman  Rensink – Datacenter & Cloud Architect / CISSP. 25 years of ICT experience in infrastructure and security in large data centres. 

The Cloud offers a “million” possibilities. Where can I find this information and how to choose? What provider does fit my needs? These are just some questions. In order to help you in this journey I provide you with insight information about the offering of the BIG Cloud providers.

Ofcourse once you have identified the proper features which match your needs and the degree of support, there is also the question what these features mean! I will address this in another article called “What is – Feature explanation” 

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Feature comparison Big 3 Cloud Providers

For now, here is a compilation of many features Cloud Provider such as Amazon, Azure and Google. This overview consist of two main categories of features like Cloud Services and Technology support / Presence. Each category consist of features which are grouped (feature groups).

Cloud Services (CS) 

Networking, compute, storage & content delivery, database, analytics & Big data, Internet of Things – IoT, mobile services, application security & identity, management, monitoring and hybrid.

Technology Support / Presence (TS/P)

 VM Sizes, SLA Terms, Certifications, Operating, Systems, Regions and Countries.

Click on the hyperlink below to download the feature file and to look at the many features of each group of the BIG 3 Cloud providers. cloud-comparison-big-3

I hope you find it useful. If so, you can request an excel sheet where you can quickly drill down into the many features and do a comparison. Send an email to

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