Battle between old and young!


Herman Rensink, 56 years old, Datacenter and Infrastructure Architect / CISSP.

Before I continue with my opinionated article about the battle (or polarisation) between old and young based on age difference, I wonder if I am personally suffer from paranoia and is therefor my judgement clouded? Or is the identified trend, the battle between old and young a fact? Do you think its true or is it complete nonsense! Here is what I think.

I am really too old!

Over the last two years I read the fierce discussion on the Internet about old and young. The discussions concentrating on the inflexibility of older ICT professionals, unproductiveness partially due to their sickness, knowledge gap because their unwillingness to adopt new technology and so on. In short they are not efficient and not effective. Why are they saying that?

The truth behind mud throwing

Worldwide there was – or still is – an economic crisis. Due to this, new tough structural and severe cuts were announced by the government in many areas of the industry. This also affects all the ICT. All this leaves its deep marks in the labour market

Structural unemployment is all time high and spreads like wildfire among all ages. The counter is now over 6% is rising.

In order to conquer a job the young ICT professionals are putting question marks about the quality of the “oldies”. The older ICT professional defend themselves of course. By continuously blaming the older professionals you create a battlefield or an environment of polarisation.  This is not a good trend, it is leading us away from the real challenges in the ICT. To my opinion, this mud throwing is not what it is all about. It is just about getting a job at the expense of others.

Fight the real challenge!


Finger pointing, blame games and short-term thinking is very disturbing and certainly unproductive. Emphasising differences only leads to more resistance.

In my opinion old and young within the ICT should put more effort in collaboration. Be more creative and productive! We need each other.

Worldwide the demand for ICT is increasing. The customer wants more and more. Its an exponential growth. The developments around the Cloud is partly the answer to conquer the exponential demand for ICT. So “ICT professional focus on working together and on themes like the Cloud”.  That is the true challenge and please, stay away from blame games or in other words “fuck off” and don’t spread nonsense about the older ICT professionals who are unproductive and instead  join the forces and lets help our customers.



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